Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mom Is Back!

Whew, it feels like I haven't been to my blog in forever. I left Minnesota (and Brutus) on the 14th to go to Kansas to visit my daughter Ashley for a few days. It was a bitter/sweet visit. Sweet because I got to spend five days with my girl, and bitter because I had to leave her there. It just seems impossible to me that she's so grown up and on her own. She's working full-time at a bank, and taking classes. Here's a picture that I took of her in front of the bank drive-thru where she is working. It was kind of funny because the bank was closed when we took this picture, so in that sense it was no big deal, but there were two police cars in the parking lot that had pulled over a car, so we were kind of waiting for them to come over and ask us why we were taking pictures in front of the bank window! Thankfully, no arrests were made.
While I was in Kansas playing with Ashley, Don was in charge of Brutus and the girls (the three cats). Brutus was scheduled to go to daycare on Thursday, Don was going to put him in his crate on Friday morning and take Friday afternoon off, and then he was scheduled to go to daycare again on Monday. Thursday went as planned, but on Friday around 1:00 I'm trying to find a place to park in Kansas so Ashley and my mom and I can grab some lunch, and my phone rings. It's Don, and he's wondering about Brutus's heart worm pill, which he needed to give him last weekend. After about a minute it hit me that it was 1:00, and if he was asking about Brutus's heart worm pills, he would have to be at the lake, which is in Wisconsin, which means he wasn't currently at work, and hadn't been for at least two and a half hours. Yep, the big softy took the day off instead of putting Brutus in his crate for half the day. My heart was a little fuller after I heard that. I was really worried about Brute being in his little (it's actually an extra large) crate for five or six hours. He is currently so spoiled that he would be completely miserable. Would he die? No. He would be safe, but certainly not happy. Plus, we always meet up with friends on Friday nights, so Brutus has to spend some time alone then too. He made a great decision.

It sounds like the rest of the "boys" weekend was filled with playing outside (Don picking up leaves), walks and fishing. It was gorgeous outside, so they really had a good time. Monday it was back to doggy daycare.

Brutus has gotten in the BAD habit of needing to hug the girls at the counter when he checks in. A lot of the girls that work at that particular PetSmart are considerably smaller than Brutus, and he practically knocks them over. Then, by the time Don goes to pick him up, he's so excited that it never fails, you always see one of these poor girls literally being pulled down the hallway by Brutus on his leash. It's actually kind of funny to look at, but I'm sure they get a little frustrated with him!

I came home on Monday night, and was greeted with lots of kisses, and of course a big hug, and Brutus is right back in to his daily routine. He went out this morning, and of course, Sophie perched herself right up on the ledge to "let him have it". She is so bossy!

The other thing that Brutus does EVERY TIME that he goes outside is get tangled around the tree. I can't even begin to tell you how many times the neighbors have seen me in my jammies because I have to go out and get him untangled. You would think that after playing "let's go around the tree" six hundred thousand times, he would get it, but nope, he just stands there "talking", and if I leave him there for too long, he will bark once and Sophie will come running in to yell at me to let me know that there's a problem. I would love to know how those two communicate, because I am sure that they have developed some kind of animal language. Sometimes they just give each other these "looks", and things seem to happen. Other times, it's verbal. Sometimes it involves sniffing and then yelling. Who knows!

Below is a picture of the tree that's about twenty feet straight outside of the porch door that Brutus is in the process of wrapping himself around this morning.
 The next picture is Brutus tooling around on the side of the yard before he comes back to the house, wrapping himself around the tree. Goofy boy!

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