Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rainy Blecky (is that a word?) Weekend

After several weeks of absolutely gorgeous weather, we are getting some much needed rain, but unfortunately it had to come on the weekend and that makes for one very sad boy. Well, make that boys. Both Don and Brutus get pretty pouty when it rains on the weekends. No fishing, no big walks, no chasing chipmunks. Man, what is a boy supposed to do?? Pout, that's what.

Brutus has spent the majority of two days laying on Don's coat on the rug by the front door. There are two things that made today especially hard. The first is that Brutus still won't hang out downstairs in the family room. He just has this incredible uncomfortableness with basements, and this isn't a dark dreary basement. It's a well lit full windowed walk out. The other thing that made today especially horrible is that even though it's raining, Don and the neighbors all got on their four wheelers and pulled in the docks. Brutus's favorite thing to do is chase Don down the road or around the yard on the four wheeler, but he couldn't, and that was tough. When they were all at our house pulling in the dock, I did let him out on the deck to watch, but the last thing that the guys needed was a big dog trying to help (get in the way).

Oh well, he will live, and in the mean little corner in the back of my mind, I'm thinking it might be pay back for bringing that mouse in the house to play with last week. ;)

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