Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tucking In Autumn

Even though the temperature still says summer, those of us who live in Wisconsin know that the snow flakes could start to fly any day now, so it's time to start picking up the leaves, cleaning out the gardens, and God forbid, putting the boats away.

I would have to say that fishing, swimming and riding in the boat were definitely on Brutus's favorites list this summer, along with chasing chipmunks, obviously, so when Don started covering up the boat, he decided that he wasn't moving. Truth be told, the boat isn't coming out of the water until next weekend, so there's still a chance he might get one more ride, but it was pretty funny to watch him "resist" getting off the pontoon. Don is a man of average patience, so when I was watching this all go down, my heart did swell a little at the better than average patience he was showing Brutus by constantly stepping over and around him while he was trying to put the pontoon cover on. It was sweet. :)

Sad Brutus. Thankfully it wasn't too long after this that he was able to go chippy chasing again.

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