Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Cat Teaching The Dog New Tricks

The funniest thing happened yesterday. I was in the living room with Brutus to go over some of the things that we are trying to teach him from his doggy classes. Basic commands like sit and stay, lay down, watch me, etc. I had his favorite peanut butter dog cookies in my hand, so he was raring to go. We started out with a couple rounds of sit and went directly to lay down.

Sophie, our youngest cat, has been really interested in Brutus the last couple days, and kind of shadowing him. Shortly after we started practicing the commands, she walked over and sat down right behind me. This was bugging Brutus a little, but we kept going. Pretty soon, every time I would say something to Brutus, Sophie would meow at him. Now she was bugging him, and the look on his face was so funny. It was a perfect "what the hell?". I gave him the lay down command, and Sophie laid down right next to him like she wanted a belly rub. At that point I had the giggles and gave up. Brutus got the rest of the peanut butter treats, and both the cat and dog got belly rubs. Too funny.

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