Thursday, January 21, 2010

The cutest thing ever

I have been sick with a sore throat, so unfortunately I have missed out on blogging some really awesome "firsts" with our boy Brutus, but Tuesday night he did the most adorable thing I have seen since my kids were little.

Brutus and I were sitting on my bed while I was working on my laptop. My bedroom window faces the street, and he saw Don's Durango turn the corner to come into the circle. How he knew this was "Dad" is beyond me, but he jumped off the bed and ran in to Ashley's bedroom. Ashley's window faces the driveway. Brutus stood with his paws up on the window while Don got out of his truck. I was standing there too, kind of in disbelief at what I was watching, so I knocked on the window, and Don came out and waved to Brutus. His little butt started to wiggle like he was going to get up on his hind legs and do a dance. Don headed for the door, and before he could even reach it, Brutus was running down the hall and down the stairs, and literally missed about three steps while jumping into Don's arms. You have to keep in mind that this is a sixty-five pound dog going at full speed. It was so fun to watch. True love!! Brutus knows, and loves his dad. How cool is that!!

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