Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snowstorm and a Playdate

What a fun morning. We were supposed to have a yucky weekend of freezing rain, but we woke up this morning to a beautiful fresh new snowfall. Long before I had even gotten out of bed, Don had let Brutus out to go potty (play in the snow) several times. He loves the snow. He loves to roll in it and eat it. He's like a big kid when it comes to the snow. I'm not sure if it snows in Missouri where he came from or not, but I can tell you that he is a boy of seasons! After I was up, Don took him out for a walk on his thirty foot leash, and Don said he was jumping in the snow banks and having a blast.

Our neighbor and Don's best bud Bennie comes over with his bobcat to plow out our driveway when we have a big snow. Our driveway is very very long, and shoveling is out of the question, and we had a lawn mower with a snow plow on it, but it broke this last year, so he always helps us out. He is a doll. He is also Mya's dad. Mya is a Belgian Mallinois, and a crazy bundle of energy. I was a little unsure about how she and Brutus would get along. Brutus is VERY laid back, and Mya never stops moving, but Mya came with Bennie this morning, and the two dogs had a lot of fun playing together in the snow. I threw some treats out, and they had to find them, which was no problem with the smellers they have on them!! They will have a blast this summer when they can swim and run around. I'm glad they can be friends.


  1. Yeah, I love your blog. Brutus is so silly and he does love the snow. He and his new friend will be best of buds.

  2. Glad to hear Mya and Brutus get along so good.