Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh Happy Day

This weekend we are back at the lake, which I guess is the same as most weekends. The difference this time is that on Friday night Don and I had to go to the funeral of our dear friend Priscilla. Priscilla had battled ovarian cancer for years, and that in and of itself is a miracle. She is a woman who touched my life with the spirit that she had within her. I only knew her for a short time, and we didn't even spend that much time together, but there was just something amazing about her, and she will never be forgotten.

While we were at the funeral, Brutus had to be in his crate.....for five hours. Oh my gosh, was he sad when we got home. He walked around with his head hanging down, and made sure that we knew that we had hurt his feelings something fierce. Thankfully, after some good snuggling and a few smooches, we were back in his good graces. I'll be glad when and if the day comes that we can just trust him to not eat the house while we are gone. That would be lovely for all involved!

As for the "Oh Happy Day", today Brutus got to go to an ice fishing contest with Don. Actually, they are still there, so I can only assume that they are having a blast. I took a couple pictures before they left. One is just Brutus jumping with joy, and the other is Don all tangled up in the "umbilical" leash. It's a thirty foot leash that Don uses so Brutus can run around and play, but Don can call him to come back. We're hoping that it will help in teaching Brutus his boundaries.

Everyone hug the ones you love. Life is short, and we have to cherish the moments that make us who we are. When I look at Brutus jumping up in the air with excitement just because dad is taking him out for a big walk on his leash, it makes my heart melt with joy that a dog who was so close to death now has the ability to feel happiness.


  1. I love your blog on Brutus and he looks so happy! We miss him a lot and so happy he found a safe and very loving home.

  2. U have got me HOOKED on your Blog..I check almost every day.....I gotta stop over & meet the Master one of these weekends....After all I see U & Don almost every Friday nite

  3. You should come over and meet him. He would love to give you a hug!