Monday, February 1, 2010

Come Back Up

Last night, Princess decided again that she was going to sleep on the bed. I'm so thrilled by this. She is older, and a little fragile, and has every reason to be scared of a sixty-five pound love bug, but she has made her statement and is sticking to it.

This morning, she was laying on my stomach snoozing, and Brutus was laying by my side. He had slept in his dog bed last night without even being told to (Yay!!) but the minute Don gets out of bed in the morning, Brutus snuggles right up by my side ON the bed. So, the two of them were sleeping with me. At some point, Brutus decided that he wanted to lay his head closer to Princess. I was watching this whole process happening, and thought it was very sweet. He would move his paws forward a little, and then inch his body along until his head was closer to her. By this time, Princess was awake, and for the most part she was taking it. Their heads were almost touching when Brutus decided to do his "you gotta love me and rub my belly" roll, not realizing that for one thing, Princess doesn't have big hands to rub his belly, and for another, in the process of rolling over, he laid his head on her. She jumped off the bed, he jumped up in surprise, and I sat there laughing.

Princess was on the floor looking at him like "what in the hell was that?", and he was on the bed looking down at her like "awe, come on back up, I didn't mean it".

As I type this, Brutus is back sleeping on my left side, and Princess is sleeping on my lap. Someday she will love him. He's trying so hard.

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