Monday, February 1, 2010

Brutus's Foster Family

Today, Joan, Brutus's Foster Mom, sent me some pictures that she had taken during the time that Brutus was being fostered at her home. They are so fun. I have to say that in an earlier post, I had Kobie's name wrong. I called him Cody. I am horrible with names, and I am sure that with all of the excitement of Brutus's first visit to our home, I didn't hear correctly either, so I am sorry Kobie!!

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Joan, and all of the wonderful people out there that are willing to foster these wonderful animals. Some of the dogs and cats are ready to go into homes when they are rescued, but many of them have behavior and security issues that need some work before they are "adoptable". Otherwise, the chance of them going right back to the shelter is pretty great. Brutus is a very mild mannered and loving guy, so he didn't need much work, but I have heard of animals that have come from puppy mills that have had literally no human contact, and there are foster parents out there that will spend months working with them to teach them how to accept love. What's even more amazing is that after they spend all of that time working with the animal, they are able to let them go, and then they start all over again with another animal in need. I would be a huge foster failure. I could love the animals to pieces, but I would never be able to let them go. I wouldn't be able to make that disconnect, so my hat goes off to all of you wonderful people out there!!

So anyway, in the pictures are Brutus and Eva, his human foster sister, Brutus and Sophie, his canine foster sister, and Brutus and Kobie, his human foster brother. Brutus and Kobie had quite the little bond going. Kobie was very brave the day that we came to pick Brutus up. I was so proud of him. Brutus went tearing out to our car, and really didn't give Kobie a fair chance to say goodbye, so we made sure that Kobie was able to come over to the car and give him one last big hug before we left, and we keep in touch with the foster family. The foster mom, Joan, also runs a daycare center with fourteen children. That in and of itself told me that Brutus must be a very gentle soul. And he is!!

Thank you again Joan. The pictures are great, and so are you!!

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