Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Big Helper, Uh Yeah

So I spend every day now being shadowed by a big hairy dog. It used to be that the three cats were usually following me around, but since they haven't completely warmed up to Brutus yet, they are still keeping their distance.

Since Brutus is constantly by my side, it means that he is also "helping" me with everything I do. If I am washing the kitchen floor, Brutus is running back and forth across the floor leaving footprints on it. If I am loading the dishwasher, he is trying to lick the dirty dishes and unload it. If I'm vacuuming, he lays just in front of the vacuum cleaner and moves with me. Yesterday I was changing the sheets on my bed. With animals in the house, and being I love to snuggle on the bed with those said animals, I wash all of our bedding once a week, bedspread included. It started with trying to strip the bed. Brutus plopped his big body right in the middle of the bed and thought it was a great game while I tried to get all of the bedding off of the bed. Then I grabbed the clean bedding. Every time I tried to put a sheet or blanket on, Brutus had to jump on and wrestle in it. At this point I realized something about myself. I am foolishly patient. The majority of people would have yelled at Brutus and gotten the job done. I allowed Brutus to make a half hour game out of it. It's no wonder that I never get anything done!!

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