Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dairy Queen in Baldwin is Awesome!!

Brutus has a new favorite drive through restaurant. You're probably wondering why a dog would have a favorite restaurant in the first place. Well, usually by the time we get headed back home from the lake, it crosses meal time, and Don and I are hungry. We don't have the heart to sit there and eat in front of big old sad eyes, so we usually order him a plane hamburger, but today at the Dairy Queen in Baldwin, a very cute girl wondered if he could have a treat. We assumed she meant one of those cheap artificially colored dog treats, and of course we said "yes", but she came back with a cup of Dairy Queen soft serve, topped with a dog treat. Brutus was absolutely beside himself. We had to pull over and park so he could slurp up his doggy treat. We now know that he loves ice cream, and I'm sure that if he could talk, he and Don would be giving high fives on the pretty girl too. :)

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