Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Beautiful Outside!

It is so gorgeous outside. You have to put things into perspective when I say that. We live in Minnesota, and it has been cold since......well, God knows when! Today when Brutus and I walked outside, I was actually able to wear a heavy sweatshirt and mittens instead of my heavy winter coat. It felt awesome! That means that it's above thirty degrees! I remember when Don and I were first married about twenty five years ago, we went to Florida for a few days to see his friend Richard. It was sixty degrees outside, and I sat out in the sun in my swimsuit. The Floridians had on winter coats and thought I was nuts. Like I said, you have to put things in to perspective.

Anyway, about two years ago, Bloomington finished off some really beautiful walking trails. Prior to having a dog, I hadn't really checked them out. I have slowly been expanding our morning walks and checking some of them out. They are incredible. I can't wait to see how pretty they are in the summer. They kind of wind around the back side of our neighborhood, along the highway, and through a nature center. You would never know that there's a highway along there. They did a really good job of putting up fencing and planting trees. It's nice to have something to look at other than houses.

Here's the issue. Neither Brutus or I have seen the new sites, so neither one of us is paying attention to where we're going. The pathways are plenty big, so you don't have to worry about running into any "thing". I just have to worry about running into Brutus! I had my head up in the air looking at a pond this morning, and he had his sites on a squirrel that was on the opposite side of me than I thought he was, and I walked right into him and fell on my behind. When I started falling I was sure that I would lose my grip on him, so I yelled "STOP", but he just looked at me like I was nuts, and went on looking for the squirrel that was chirping up in the tree. I sat there and assessed the situation, decided the only damage was a wet butt, and got up.

It's times like this that I picture all of the little forest creatures can talk like they did in the Disney movies. Can't you just hear Thumper's little voice, "look mama, that crazy lady fell over her dog!". Yeah, I know, there are times when my mind travels a little further than it should!

Other than feeling like an idiot, it was a great walk today, and I'm very glad that there weren't any humans out there to laugh at me!!