Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brutus and Libby "The Dog Whisperer"

Today was another doggy school day, and I had mentioned to Libby that I wanted to take a picture of her with Brutus for my blog, and she kindly obliged. Always the teacher, she decided she would work with Brutus on "watching her" for his treat instead of just standing there posing, so work away they did.

On a side note, Brutus did try his little escape trick again today when we were practicing "come", but today I was prepared. He was hooked up to a twenty foot leash, and I had directions from Libby to yell "NO" and then "Come", and reward him greatly if he listened, and he actually did. I definitely got a couple funny looks from the customers shopping in the store when I started yelling at him, but by the end of the half hour exercise, he had given up on trying to escape through those magic glass doors!

Next week is our last session for this class, but I think I will definitely be signing Brutus up for another session of some sort with Libby. He has started to learn a lot, but he still has a long way to go, and we have really enjoyed the camaraderie of the moms and dogs, and especially Libby! She is a gem. :)

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