Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Don Is A Big Softie!

When we first brought Brutus home, it had been predetermined that he would be allowed to snuggle up with us for a little while on the bed, but then it was going to be "to the dog bed" for him. It went pretty well that first week. Actually, all I had to do was lay the little water bottle (which I've only used twice) on the end of the bed, and Brutus wouldn't even question it. He would curl up and go to sleep. Then we slowly started to be less tough about it, so we would say things like "oh, he had kind of a tough day, why don't we just let him sleep on the bed" kind of thing. Then, how do you do that one night, and threaten him with a water bottle the next? Talk about mixed messages, and really bad dog parenting on our part!!

So, here is Brutus's favorite place to sleep. Right next to his dad. I would prefer that he sleep next to me because I am always cold, and I miss having the kitties sleeping on the bed with me, but instead, he chooses to sleep next to Don who can't stand to have anything touch him while he's sleeping. Go figure. Funny thing is, Don has only fussed about it a little. What can he really say!

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