Monday, March 15, 2010

Brutus Is In LOVE!

The day that we adopted Brutus, Ashley was with me when I went to pick him up at Joan's house. She was home for two more days, and then she had to leave to go back to college. Brutus was devastated when she left, to the point that before I had washed Ashley's bedding, Brutus got up on her bed, smelled her pillow and marked the wall above her pillow. He was basically saying "I know she was here, and she is mine"!!

Well, Ashley is home on spring break, and trust me, Brutus did NOT forget her. Ash drove to the lake, and Brutus was out on his tie when she got there. At first he just walked over to her car, but after she opened the door and said "hello", all hell broke loose! He literally jumped in her car, knocked her over so she was laying in the front seat and smooched her uncontrollably. I had heard Ashley pull in, so I went out and tried to call him off, and he did get out of her car for a minute, but it was like he just couldn't stand it. He turned around and jumped right back in and started kissing her all over again. It really was adorable. Ashley was sure that we still didn't have any control over him, but he was just that excited. Since then, she has seen how much he has calmed down over the last two months, and what a little cuddle bug he is.

The first night, we went to bed and Brutus didn't follow us. We couldn't believe it. He went down, plopped on Ashley's bed and that was where he was staying. We had brought all three cats along too so Ashley could have her snuggle time with them, but Brutus wasn't having it. If one of them got on the bed to be by Ashley, Brutus got closer to Ashley. He was acting like a jealous child. He slept with some body part draped over her all night.

On Saturday Brutus kind of followed her around and had lots of kisses, and needed lots of belly rubs. On Sunday morning, Ashley left at 7:00 AM to head back to the cities to have breakfast with a friend who was leaving town. Brutus saw her leave, and he spent the rest of the day, until 5:00 PM sitting on the front step of the lake house looking at her parking spot. It was really pathetic. He was heart broken.

Now we're all back together in the cities, and Brutus has calmed down a little bit and is sharing the love. He was back to sleeping with us last night, and Ashley got to snuggle up with her kitties. Brutus and I went for a nice big walk this morning, and we all get to enjoy Ashley for the rest of the week. We aren't even going to go to what it's going to be like when she leaves for Kansas again.

For now.......Life is GOOD!


  1. What a sweet cuddle bug. I still talk about him all of the time and tell people about his blog. I am so glad he is spoiled, he deserves it.

  2. I can't wait to meet Brutus! Awesome pics, Sheri!!! Thanks for the whole blog....dogs are truly unconditional friends for life! See you in June!