Monday, March 29, 2010

Brutus Thinks He Has Super Powers "LOL"

So I have been feeling really bad since Brutus escaped from doggy class and ran down the frontage road of a major freeway, and then tried to jump through the second story window of our bedroom. I took both incidents very personally, feeling like he just wasn't liking me enough to stick around. I mean seriously, you really have to want to get away if you try to jump through a closed second story window.

Then something happened that changed my perspective completely. I took Brutus downstairs to go to the bathroom, to the glass patio doors, and he tried to run right through them, and everything became very clear. We have been going to PetSmart at least once, and usually twice a week for the last two months, and the glass doors magically open every time he runs at them. How much do you want to bet that he just wanted to go outside, and expected the window, as well as the doors downstairs to just open? He's certainly had enough continual reinforcement to think that they should!

If nothing else, it makes me feel a whole lot better than thinking that he's just that desperate to get away from me. Whew. I'll have to get him a "Super Dog" cape!!

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