Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm Starting To Get A Complex

I am starting to think that Brutus doesn't like me. It started with his great escape from doggy class. I'm not quite narcissistic enough to think that I was the reason he had chosen to dodge out the door to run with four lanes of busy traffic, but after last night I'm beginning to wonder.

Don and I were laying in bed watching the news after he had gotten home from work. Brutus had spent some time on the bed getting belly rubs and chewing on a bone, but all of a sudden he took a running leap and tried to jump out of the bedroom window. What the hell??? Thank goodness it was closed. He kind of bounced off from it and went back to lay down and continue what he had been doing before.

Now I am getting a bad complex about whether or not he actually wants to live with us. I know that if I was willing to jump out of a second story window to get away, it would tell a pretty big story, but are dog stories the same as people stories? Hmmmm.

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