Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What A Night!

Brutus has had quite the night. It started out by being chased by our oldest cat Princess. You have to keep in mind that Princess is at least thirteen years old, and very laid back. She spends most of her time sleeping and acting like a "Princess". Well, she must have decided that she had had enough of this big funny looking furry thing tooling around the house. Brutus was running down the hallway, and at first Princess had poked her head out of the office, which is at the end of the hallway, but then she pulled her head back. But, as soon as Brutus got to the end of the hallway, she tore out of the office at full speed and chased him through our bedroom, through the bathroom and back out to the hallway. I don't think Brutus knew what had happened. He was just freaked out. Princess made it very clear that she was the leader of THIS pack, and things weren't going to be changing just because he was bigger. I think she did a good job of making her point.

I had to leave to do some grocery shopping, and apparently Brutus sat by the front door the whole time I was gone. He has a bit of separation anxiety when I leave, and it's something that isn't a good thing. I'm going to have to work on that, after I work on everything else. lol

When I got home from getting groceries, it was bath time. Brutus tried everything he could to escape, but we got him. He's very patient during his bath, the problem is just getting him there. Once he's there, he pretty much gives up. He had gotten quite stinky since his bath a little over a week ago, and there's nothing that smells worse than a stinky dog, and Grandma and Grandpa are coming tomorrow to meet him for the first time, so bath time it was! Now he smells lovely.

The last amazing thing that happened tonight in Brutus World was he rang the Poochie Bells for the first time. For those of you that don't remember what Poochie Bells are, they are bells that you hang on whatever door the dog uses the most to go to the bathroom, and the goal is to teach them to ring the bells when they need to go outside. We've been working on this for the last week, and I was sure that he would never get it. He has shown absolutely no interest. But, tonight I was sitting upstairs in the bedroom checking my email, and I heard the bells ring downstairs. At first I just ignored it figuring Don had taken him downstairs to go potty, but then it occurred to me that I didn't hear Don giving him the good old pep talk of "Brutus, do you need to go potty? Lets go buddy". So, I headed to the basement to check it out, and sure enough, there he stood by the door waiting to go outside. I was SO excited. I can't even tell you!! He is a dog that never barks, so his normal way of telling us that he needs to go potty is to just look at us and walk away. Not easy to read. Brutus got two treats when he came in tonight. :)

Brutus has had quite the night. Good thing he can sleep in tomorrow morning!

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