Thursday, February 11, 2010

Don Learned A Lesson

This was way too funny. Last night, Don and I and Brutus were laying on the bed watching T.V. Well, Don and I were trying to watch T.V., and Brutus was trying to play tug of war with his favorite "stolen" toy with Don. Neither one of them was going to give up, and I could just see what was going to happen when one of them finally did, so I moved over a little further toward the edge of the bed to get out of the way. About ten seconds later, Brutus just let go. It wasn't even like Don won, he just simply let go. The toy, along with Don's hand went flying into Don's eye. Don was so shocked that he dropped the toy to hold his wounded eye, and then Brutus jumped on his stomach to grab the toy, so it was like a one two punch. I haven't laughed that hard in weeks.

If Don doesn't have a black eye today, he certainly has a sore one. Oh my gosh that was funny!! I wonder if Brutus knew what would happen if he let go. Bwa ha ha ha !! The training is going so well. Just kidding!

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