Monday, January 25, 2010

A Very Very Sad Puppy and a Dog

Don left the lake yesterday, leaving Brutus and I behind. I had my own car there, and I wanted to get some extra cleaning done that I hadn't gotten to. I have never seen Brutus look so sad in my life. When Don pulled out of the driveway, Brutus needed to get out on his leash, so I let him out. He just sat on the front step and looked out at the road for about fifteen minutes.

When he came in, he went down to Ashley's bedroom and grabbed this stuffed puppy that I probably should have taken away from him, but I just didn't have the heart. He doesn't really chew things anymore, and it was a toy that Ashley had told me to put in a garage sale, so I thought "what the heck". Well, I'm thinking that it was his fill in for Dad. The poor boy walked around with the stuffed puppy in his mouth for the rest of the day and night, slept with it, went potty with it, and rode home in the car today with it tucked under his chin. The puppy is in very bad shape. It went from being adorable, to missing both of it's eyes and more than a little of it's stuffing!

I have to say that it was a little embarrassing when I stopped at the rest stop to let Brutus go potty, and he needed to take the puppy with him. There was a man who was staring at us, and I just had to look at him and throw my hands up in the air.

Now that we're home, the puppy is still hanging out with us, but he's definitely more interested in his Dad. Very cool.

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